The world we know is changing.

A demographic transition is occurring.
By 2050, two-thirds of the world’s population will reside in urban communities, and we are currently in the last decade for realizing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Now, the COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the urgency for addressing issues of health equity in urban communities.
The challenging process of translating urban health into practice has created barriers toward the implementation of urban health initiatives and difficulty linking urban health to SDG targets and outcomes.

We call this gap between the science of urban health and the application of urban health in communities the Urban Health Divide.

At UrbanHealth360, we are committed to bridging this divide! 

We envision a world where urban health advocates at all levels will have the knowledge, information, and tools needed to facilitate their work on the ground and to influence policy decisions at the local community, municipal, national, and global levels.

This is why UrbanHealth360 is the first global organization to catalyze Applied Urban Health.

Here is how we catalyze applied urban health:

Influence Perspectives

Communities within the community

Knowledge & Awareness

Policies and practices

Best practices

Enhance Practice

Collective brainstorming for solutions & Innovations

Collective outreach & Awareness

Create involvement of local leaders

More supportive mechanisms

Take Action

Engagement & mobilization



Learning & Feedback

Drive Change

Culture of health learning

Influence on policies & Practices

Integrated web of multisectoral supports

New ideas & Investments

Listen to

Interviews with urban health actors; learn about their work on the ground.


more about on-the-ground actors doing work in the sector of urban health!


our observatory and view our community profiles!


the work of urban health influencers and the different approaches to understanding the issues affecting people in their communities.

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Our Vision

That urban poor and challenged communities will have greater knowledge about the health issues impacting them so they can use it to influence policies and practices.

Our Mission

Engaging urban poor communities in the business of urban health to create collective efficacy around urban health.