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UH360 Glossary

Applied Urban Health

Grassroots urban health work that uses a ‘communities first’ approach to empower urban health advocates at all levels through ensuring they have the knowledge, information, and tools needed to facilitate their work on the ground and to influence policy decisions at the local community, municipal, national, and global levels.

Collective Efficacy

The ability of a community to influence and guide the behavior of individuals and groups within the community in order to create a safe and orderly environment.


Social units with commonalities (i.e. norms, religion, values, customs, identity, etc.) that are strengthened through daily interaction, strong relationships among people, and shared interests and expectations. Although they do not have fixed boundaries, communities are bound together through a sense of belonging, often situated within self-contained geographical areas or in virtual spaces through communication platforms. Most people belong to multiple, varying communities which may overlap at times.


Applied scientists (or, social scientists) who understand the nature of communities and are interested in using their knowledge to produce useful results.

Secondary Cities

Cities on the second tier of a system of categorization within a country, generally containing a population or economy between 10%-50% the size of that of the nation’s largest city. And according to UN-Habitat, secondary cities usually have populations of between 100,000-500,000 people.

The Business of Urban Health

The engagement in organized efforts and activities that will improve individual health, familial health, and the health of a collective community.

Urban Health Indicators

An index of signs that provide evidence of the health impacts of the physical urban environment. These indicators can then be used to inform built environment policy and decision-making.

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