Dr. Tsekleves, Senior Lecturer in Design for Health at Imagination Lancaster, Lancaster University-Design for Sustainable Urban Health and Wellbeing

In by UH 360 Voices

Dr. Emmaneul Tsekleves takes us through the sustainable role his work, in design research, plays in addressing global health challenges, especially in developing contexts. As a researcher, his mission is to awaken a ‘culture of health’ so it is embedded into the lives of communities at every level, developing and creating new responses to health, wellbeing and ageing.

Episode Abstract

Dr. Emmanuel Tsekleves is a senior researcher championing how design-led research can provide innovative solutions for the health and wellbeing of diverse communities around the world. As lead at Design for Global Health at ImaginationLancaster, Dr Emmanuel talks to us about his multidisciplinary team and how they are addressing global health issues through solutions that are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals. With Urban Health 360, he shares some of the challenges they find working in international spaces as well as the benefits of engaging community members through co-design, ranging from the youth to senior citizens and focusing on the more vulnerable communities to create lasting impact.

Guest Bio

Dr. Tsekleves is a Senior Lecturer in Design for Health at Imagination Lancaster, Lancaster University. He is also the convenor of Design Research Society Special Interest Group in Global Health and the co-director of the Future Cities Research Institute (Lancaster University, UK and Sunway University, Malaysia). Recognised for the innovative research work he is doing in communities and health on an international level, he leads research at the intersection of design, health, wellbeing and technology.

Co-author of several books, he has recently published the Design for Global Challenges and Goals where he and his colleagues chart the developments, opportunities and challenges for design research in addressing global challenges facing developing contexts focusing on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.