Jasneth Mullings, PhD – Mental health as an important aspect of Urban Health in the West Indian & Caribbean context; specifically, Jamaica

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Dr. Jasneth Mullings focuses on the impact of area context on quality of life, decision making, and mental health. With a sharp focus on social justice and equity, her work emphasizes the use of multilevel approaches that recognize and leverage the inherent strengths of communities to develop solutions.

Episode Abstract

Dr. Jasneth Mullings is a researcher, academic, epidemiologist, author, and a social scientist focused on neighborhood factors that contribute to poor mental health. She views these quality-of-life issues through a social justice lens and part of the human development discourse happening in the West Indies and the whole of the Caribbean. In her book: Going Crazy in the City: Neighbourhood Context and Mental Health, Dr. Mullings provokes these ideas and issues “a call to action for change and improvement in the health and living circumstances” of Jamaicans living in urban poor communities. Dr. Mullings discusses this and more in this episode.

Guest Bio

Dr. Jasneth Mullings is and Environmental Epidemiologist in the Faculty of Medical Sciences at the University of the West Indies, Mona. Her primary research interest is community health, particularly urban health, and the development of effective interventions. As the first PhD Epidemiology graduate of the University of the West Indies, Mona (2013), her research examined the effects of neighborhood structural and social processes on the mental health of the Jamaican population.